Sanjhbati- A world of D’liteful creativity

Twaksati endorses Sanjhbati for its creative handmade lamps which are just so unique!


Mundane corporate life and strong passion to do something different, acted as stimulants for Sanjay Singha and Debojit Majumder to quit their jobs and start Sanjhbati. Though none hailed from an arts background or had formal arts training, yet arts has always been their comfort zone and their preferred way to relax and unwind. Hence they decided to pursue it vigorously and utilize their interest to explore new horizons.

The idea behind forming Sanjhbati, was to offer lighting and home decor items which are uniquely designed yet cost effective. Doing so, the duo wanted to break through at two levels. First, they wanted to dispel the notion that handcrafted products are costly and hence out-of-reach for most. Second, to establish a brand within the handcrafted lighting and home decor category which currently is majorly unbranded. Sanjhbati was formed with a team of three people. The team size continues to be small to ensure that each item produced has the touch and finish, which will endear customers. Initially the team started mixed media applications on glass bottles and converted discarded bottles into beautiful lamps. Buoyed by positive response bamboo lamps and hand painted lamps were introduced. Going forward the team wishes to introduce fiber and clay based works also. Currently, Sanjhbati offers decorative table lamps, wall fixtures, floor pedestal and also decor lighting.

Check for more amazing Lamps and lights from Sanjhbati, in ” The Different Mela”- Pre Diwali Exhibition & Sale.  If you want to have one of them this Diwali or would like to gift these unique creations then you must visit ” The Different Mela” at Haldiram Banquet near Ballygunge on 14th of October from 10 am onwards.

Feel free to call us for more details@ 9674045776

Poster Diwali Mela- Queries


The Different Mela- Pre Diwali Exhibition & Sale

Poster Diwali Mela- Queries

A Diwali Mela with a difference! Check for some really creative gifts, beautiful festive apparels, Ethnic and fashion jewellery, Elegant Home decors, Unique lights n Lamps et al.

This Diwali, gift something special and unique..We are sure that you will be amazed with the exhibit and the products.  We would also have some interesting activities during the day wherein everyone would be a gainer. If you have an eye for an exclusive, then this is the place for you!

Stay tuned with us for meeting our creative artists!

Date: 14th Oct;2017

Venue: Haldiram Food Court, Ballygunge- Kolkata

Partner: Associated Chamber of Commerce (ASSOCHAM)

For more information call: 9674045776


Twaksati –Handcrafts of India promotes, designs and sells the handmade products by artists and artisans through its ecommerce portal. The initiative is not only selling but to honour the artists whether they make a single item or many. Hence it organises workshops, adda sessions, Exhibitions, Research, Tours et al to showcase their work.  Twaksati means beautiful creations by hand in Sanskrit.





Twaksati in making

Placeholder ImageTwaksati is just not another start up looking for angels investors to boosts its economy. Twaksati is a start up, but taking its baby steps one by one to reach the beautiful world of the creators and showing it to everyone around!

It’s a mixed feeling for me..I feel excited with Twaksati and love to add up my ideas and see them shaping up. I started working on this project as soon I left my job in January 2016.

Sharing here are the activities which led to Twaksati

Naamkaran (naming it) : Mad brainstorming with Google search,  dictionaries, talking to people and poking Saibal whenever he gets back home…He would weigh the words, speak them aloud and then ask me to look for more…The ‘more’, took a month more and another month..then we found ourselves bumping over a same word gain and again…it was Twaksati…tried finding out more about it and it was actually waiting for us to be picked up..Twaksati means beautiful creations by hand..what more appropriate than this..we tested it with few of our friends..they found it hard to spell…but Twaksati rang in my ears for next few days and we finalised it. Saibal tried a few logo options..we chose few and then rejected it. Our good family friend Yograj ji came to our rescue who being an artist gave us some 8-10 options and finally we chose this one.

That was the first step of naming our venture and getting it created with Hands!

We will be back here with other steps to the ‘Making of Twaksati’