Why we’ve still not gone beyond our Art & Craft class and not looked up to it as a viable career option!


Impatiently, I waited for this period in my school timetable. Well, not as you would think that it amused me. It was a break from the monotonous enlightening of all the sciences around us. Art and craft was always an escape. Not only for me, but for the entire class. Bunking classes could easily be done during this period.  It never struck me that Art was itself an escape.

If today students do not value this period of “Art and craft” as a subject, it is mostly because they never actually understood the essence of art. Rather they are not taught what art is. Craft had always been a compulsory assignment, which if not submitted would result in a C in your report card.  80% of the guardians are bent on to making their wards established in society where they would be esteemed. Art as a profession has never been looked upto for the not so heavily paid wages as any other profession would provide. And being their parent’s children, the fear to be left behind passed on to their genes which results in not taking up Art and craft seriously in classrooms. More so it is often seen that the parents would ask their child to concentrate on other subjects and they would themselves complete the art and craft assignments for them. Hence, killing even the minutest wish of the child to explore the wonderful world of creativity.

Personally I think, in today’s world where every possible talent can be explored, where every liking has a possibility to be developed for future, art and craft has successfully been able to put up with this rush in career prospects. Not only with its emerging range of career options  but also as a healthy interest one might want to indulge oneself into.  Daily we come across illustrations on the comics, on the cover pages of books, on newspapers. Isn’t that exactly what creates the first impression about an article or any book?

Art has its own language. By far, the most beautiful one I have come across.  It is in us how we interpret this language. M.F. Husain often referred to as our India’s Picasso happened to be an artist of the 20th century who is now recognized internationally. It is from him that we take inspiration to have the courage in pursuing Art as a career.  Similarly R.K. Laxman, an illustrator of Times of India and known cartoonist persuaded what he loved to do, that is express by sketches. There are several others who have excelled in this field just by taking the risk of doing what they loved and believing in the magic of Art. And how can we forget the fashion designers, jewelry designers, leather crafts which has a huge international clientele.

Every creation is Art. Be it the food our mother cooks or the pair of jeans we are wearing or the piece of writing you are reading now.  Henri Matisse rightly said “it requires courage to create.”So, tighten your jeans, adore the art in your life, believe in yourself and create.

I came across a very interesting venture “Twaksati – Handcrafts of India” which has this unique concept of promoting artists who create anything and everything made by hands. Chanced to order their products and was amazed to see their hand packaging, hand written labelling and also having a personalized hand note with the product. That’s what is all about creating customer delight and preserving the antiquity! A gift of that kind will always bring a smile to the beholder.

You can check some really beautiful stuff at www.twaksati.com


About the Author


JeanniAditi Haldar

A student of Grade XI with a dream to explore the beautiful earth. A youngster who wears confidence yet simplicity as her make up. Creativity gets her going and she loves to write about the creators. She has learnt music, painting, dance et all but writing blogs is her new love. She is straight to the point while writing – take it or let it go!



2 thoughts on “Why we’ve still not gone beyond our Art & Craft class and not looked up to it as a viable career option!

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    Have you heard the words..
    If you ever love a writer, you never die. Cheers to this


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