Twaksati’s artisan partner — Lakhi who is creating identity, independence and a better world for herself and her children.

Lakhi 3

One can always find Lakhi with a smile. her simplicity and honesty reflects in her eyes. I have known her for more than 15 years now. She is quick to learn things and has a yes to everything . That is more of her personal trait. With the launch of Twaksati, she was the first one to show her desire to create handmade products for us. I would often show her the design and then she will practice it till the time she gets its perfect. So our idea to create Self Help Group started with her. The Kantha stitch on the Stoles and Dupattas were well picked up by her. Then we created Bunting Flags which were so well made by her. She would often come up with her own designs and colour patterns.

Bunting Blue 1

She tries to save all the extra money she makes from her handworks. Once I asked, what is she going to buy from her saved money, she replied smilingly- “I am saving this to buy books for my son who is in college now.

Twaksati is trying to form small SHG’s who can be trained to create well designed artistic products. This would not only empower our partner artisans like Lakhi to learn but also to earn that extra.  We feel great to see how well they have taken up the assignment and are  aligned to the Twaksati mission of always Handmade and always fair to the artisans.

Check out the Handmade Bunting flags and Apparels  by Lakhi and other artisans at



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