Vintage Violet creating a fashion statement in kids accessories!

Twaksati endorses Vintage Violet by Surbhi. Vintage Violet is known for handmade and imported accessories.

Surbhi had always had a crazy mindset for any handmade and creative articles. She had a zeal to start her own business and aspired to become a successful entrepreneur. Her brand started as an online venture. She made handmade beaded jewellery and sold them online and soon it gained popularity.
As the response from her customers gained speed her products were on high demand. Soon Vintage violet started importing items which acted as a catalyst for her own growth.
The handmade accessories Vintage Violet deals which includes handmade necklaces bracelets and hair pins for kids. Her women collections of women accssories have exclusive designs and every detail is fantastically brought out. The best part about Vintage Violet is that, their products are exclusive but not expensive. The cost friendly accessories are sufficient to attract and retain customers.
Her venture in this handicraft world is inspired by her neice Pihu for whom Surbhi used to shop and wanted to gift her the best of the bests. The entire progress of her business is dedicated to her niece.
She believes in a Mantra that makes her stand out. “Looking Beautiful is what makes you confident.”
Her business in Kolkata is a success and the positive outcome has made her glad that she is a part of the city of joy trying to spread happiness through her venture.
Twaksati wants to hold the hands of Vintage violet as it showcases itself to be different in “the different mela” organised by Twaksati.

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