An artistic fashion platter by Ankita


Twaksati endorses Ankita’s Dream Catchers! Her products are Handmade and colourful mix of Indian young fashion trend. According to her “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
As for Ankita, she was a born artist and could never give up her passion for art even when she grew up. Soon enough her penchant for painting took a turn into making DIYs. She kept trying her hand at creating various knick knacks. Two years back during a visit to her favourite craft store in Pune she bought a quilling kit not aware of the wonders that could be created with it. Next day a friend at work told her that you could make jewellery with these strips of paper.  So she decided to make something for herself.  And once she started donning her unique pieces of art, she became a head turner.

Initially, she was doing it just for herself but gradually word spread and people wanted to buy these accessories. Not before long, her jewellery line had made a mark worldwide. As a famous man once said, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” and it was overwhelming to see that women actually wanted to wear her works of art.

Anyone can be fashionable by keeping up with the recent trends and sporting expensive brands, but to add that oomph factor to your outfits one must accessorize in such a way which brings out the innate style. Basically, accessories are like the vitamins to fashion. The jewellery crafted by Ankita caters to making your attire aesthetically appealing and helps you stand out in the crowd. To add a little flair to the accessories she gives a personalised touch to make it look special just for you! The jewelleries she creates are suitable for women from all the age groups.

With the growing popularity of her products, she decided to create a Facebook page-Dream catchers  to communicate with the customers better. The products are unique and the prices are affordable

Meet her at Twaksati and experience the confluence of art and fashion.

Always stay classy and fabulous.



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