Shakshi brings “Rajasthali – festive flavours of Rajasthan!

Twaksati welcomes Shakshi and her collection for the upcoming Pre Diwali Exhibition and sale. Her exclusively selective unstitched Rajasthani dress materials and Jewellery will impress you for sure.

Shakshi Gupta was born and brought up in Rajasthan,a place which is rich and diverse in culture . She is an art lover who loves to experiment with different traditions and styles to bring out the exquisite pieces from different regions. Her zeal to bring the history and colors of magnificent land led to starting of her own venture named Rajasthali – Flavors of Rajasthan.
Rajasthali , brings the best of Rajasthani crafts in the most unusual and new designs to the traditional process . Products like Mirror Work and Gotapatti Suits , Bandarwals , Candles, etc have been handpicked from the different parts of Rajasthan. It aims at capturing the elegance of Rajasthan vibrant culture, regal legacy and the skillful details in unique craftsmanship.
Shakshi is not only dedicated towards new venture  but she praises the idea of being an independent woman . With  rich taste in colour scheme and critical approach in figuring the quality of a material, she always tries to experiment and present newer and classier design every time.
 Be it your home setup and decoration, wearing traditional and beautifully crafted outfits for every demand will be met at Rajasthali. They have a fascinating range of balanced aesthetic , traditional and class products which can transform any woman into a diva and add colours to your house on any occasion.
So to inculcate the culture of graceful looks and timeless elegance to dive into the colors and crafts of Rajasthan ,
Tune  up with ” Rajasthali – Flavours Of Rajasthan” and add the colours and magical touch of Rajasthan to your Diwali decorations. Be there at Twaksati’s “Different Mela ” and adorn your house and yourself with the Rajasthani enchantment.

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