Ovenly Delicie’s from Atrayee is sure to take you over!


Twaksati endorses Ovenly delicie by Atrayee Dev, excelled in making 100℅ veg delicacies. She is mostly into making  mouth-watering cakes, finger licking gourmet desserts, appetizing savouries and many such delectable goodies.

Desserts are not only an important part of Diwali celebrations but also the most practical food type to have when you’re on the go for it. Be it the cakes she makes or the varieties of desserts she places in front of you, the flavours just keeps the Diwali energy alive.
Atrayee fancied baking when she first tasted the batter off a spoon when her mother was baking a cake for her family. Looking at the delicious cakes by her mother, she wanted to try her hands into baking. The veg delicacies makes a brilliant combination with the confectioneries making them much more euphoric.
She takes extra care to make sure her recipes come out perfect. All her items are egg free and yet tasty. Ovenly delicie has also excelled as a culinary school and engages in conducting cooking workshops.
She has won applauds and got amazing feedbacks on her marvellous recipes. Her friends,family,clients had inspired her and constantly supported her to grow in this path.
Atrayee is from a background where taking to businesses are not usually encouraged. But with strong determination she chose to chase her dreams.She had completed her masters and had dedicated 5 long years to reputed company as an HR and finally decided to follow her passion in rediscovering herself in the work of food. Bucking up courage and with hope within she has started this small venture spreading magic with her creations. She shows her heartfelt gratitude to her family who has shown their unwavering support and always encouraged her to aim for the sky since the start and never complained about her unconventional career choice.

This ever enthusiast is always keen at reaching out to people catering all their requirements and trying to add the potion of newness in every recipe of hers. Her uniqueness lies in her customised products which can be turned into normal size of mini bites. Her luxury desserts have great choices in flavors and taste in both wheat and flour segment. All her goodies has been hand packed in a most eclectic manner and ready to add the needed sparkle on this festive season.

If you have a sweet tooth there is surely something for you in “The Different Mela” the pre Diwali exhibition and sale. After all, “Diwali ke Naam pe kuch meetha ho jaaye!”

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