She creates magic in glass! Bunny Arts

Twaksati endorses Bunny Arts! Simply amazing and enchanting creativity from Tania Malhotra. Every Art created on glass and the jars is a sheer masterpiece. Anyone who looks at them is sure to fall in love at the first sight. This Diwali take these wonders home to delight your loved ones.

It all started for Tania with a gift coupon of a renowned stationary shop, from her close acquaintance.  She always had a weakness for stationary, and was certainly quite thrilled to make the most of it.  With the idea she quickly got hold of some good number of art and craft items. Grabbed some empty jars from kitchen and started applying her creative juices on them. Having a knack for sketching and painting, she started creating variety of DIY projects, without having an idea that this would gradually lead to the famous Bunny  Arts.

With a surprisingly encouraging approach from her husband, Aditya, and his family, the zeal inside her triggered in no time. Her love for creating the beauty with a touch of modern fusion design sets her apart from others.

The USP of Bunny Arts is Handmade and Contemporary  and a responsible ecofriendly touch to each of its creations.  The Beautiful lamps, Diyas and Vases are widely appreciated worldwide. There is no doubt that Bunny Art is set to create a new story which everyone is going to love!

Don’t miss Tania’s creation- “Bunny Arts” –  Handmade Happiness! in “The Different Mela” by  Twaksati on 14th Oct @Haldiram Ballygunge. In case you are interested to contact her, please leave a message in the comment box below.

Diwali Exhibition poster





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