An artistic fashion platter by Ankita


Twaksati endorses Ankita’s Dream Catchers! Her products are Handmade and colourful mix of Indian young fashion trend. According to her “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
As for Ankita, she was a born artist and could never give up her passion for art even when she grew up. Soon enough her penchant for painting took a turn into making DIYs. She kept trying her hand at creating various knick knacks. Two years back during a visit to her favourite craft store in Pune she bought a quilling kit not aware of the wonders that could be created with it. Next day a friend at work told her that you could make jewellery with these strips of paper.  So she decided to make something for herself.  And once she started donning her unique pieces of art, she became a head turner.

Initially, she was doing it just for herself but gradually word spread and people wanted to buy these accessories. Not before long, her jewellery line had made a mark worldwide. As a famous man once said, “One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” and it was overwhelming to see that women actually wanted to wear her works of art.

Anyone can be fashionable by keeping up with the recent trends and sporting expensive brands, but to add that oomph factor to your outfits one must accessorize in such a way which brings out the innate style. Basically, accessories are like the vitamins to fashion. The jewellery crafted by Ankita caters to making your attire aesthetically appealing and helps you stand out in the crowd. To add a little flair to the accessories she gives a personalised touch to make it look special just for you! The jewelleries she creates are suitable for women from all the age groups.

With the growing popularity of her products, she decided to create a Facebook page-Dream catchers  to communicate with the customers better. The products are unique and the prices are affordable

Meet her at Twaksati and experience the confluence of art and fashion.

Always stay classy and fabulous.



Vintage Violet creating a fashion statement in kids accessories!

Twaksati endorses Vintage Violet by Surbhi. Vintage Violet is known for handmade and imported accessories.

Surbhi had always had a crazy mindset for any handmade and creative articles. She had a zeal to start her own business and aspired to become a successful entrepreneur. Her brand started as an online venture. She made handmade beaded jewellery and sold them online and soon it gained popularity.
As the response from her customers gained speed her products were on high demand. Soon Vintage violet started importing items which acted as a catalyst for her own growth.
The handmade accessories Vintage Violet deals which includes handmade necklaces bracelets and hair pins for kids. Her women collections of women accssories have exclusive designs and every detail is fantastically brought out. The best part about Vintage Violet is that, their products are exclusive but not expensive. The cost friendly accessories are sufficient to attract and retain customers.
Her venture in this handicraft world is inspired by her neice Pihu for whom Surbhi used to shop and wanted to gift her the best of the bests. The entire progress of her business is dedicated to her niece.
She believes in a Mantra that makes her stand out. “Looking Beautiful is what makes you confident.”
Her business in Kolkata is a success and the positive outcome has made her glad that she is a part of the city of joy trying to spread happiness through her venture.
Twaksati wants to hold the hands of Vintage violet as it showcases itself to be different in “the different mela” organised by Twaksati.

Dipanwita’s Peppylife coming to Pep up your life!

Twaksati endorses Peppylife by Dipanwita Banerjee’s. Her collections of handmade purse, bags and jewellery are just awesome. She is a young artist and painter who has always gone out of the box trying to find pristine in art. Her flair for artwork has nurtured her interest towards creative fashionable and colourful art of India . Starting from handicrafts to all the thread worked items, she has tried to dig out their intrinsic value and present art at its best form.

Her main motive as a painter and art lover was to bring out the intricate authentic art of India which often go unnoticed. Needles and threads soon became her best friends and she chose to open Peppylife for them. The entire story of how Peppylife  revolves around Dipanwita’s love for art,needles and threads.
Peppylife evolved when she started showcasing her talent by making bags, different forms of handwork like hand embroidery,hand painting, gota work,metal work, Kutch work and many more items as such. As she started devoting more time to Peppylife her love for her work helped her decide to make a new addition to  Peppylife. She took up handmade jewellery with beads and thread work.
The entire attempt of Peppy life is to Pep up your life with the bright thread colours and the small things in life which often go unnoticed.
Put your hands together as Peppylife is here with us in “The Different Mela” to take your Pep life to a different level by adding colours
Catch Dipanwita’s collection in The Different Mela on 14th Oct at Haldiram Ballygunge.

Shakshi brings “Rajasthali – festive flavours of Rajasthan!

Twaksati welcomes Shakshi and her collection for the upcoming Pre Diwali Exhibition and sale. Her exclusively selective unstitched Rajasthani dress materials and Jewellery will impress you for sure.

Shakshi Gupta was born and brought up in Rajasthan,a place which is rich and diverse in culture . She is an art lover who loves to experiment with different traditions and styles to bring out the exquisite pieces from different regions. Her zeal to bring the history and colors of magnificent land led to starting of her own venture named Rajasthali – Flavors of Rajasthan.
Rajasthali , brings the best of Rajasthani crafts in the most unusual and new designs to the traditional process . Products like Mirror Work and Gotapatti Suits , Bandarwals , Candles, etc have been handpicked from the different parts of Rajasthan. It aims at capturing the elegance of Rajasthan vibrant culture, regal legacy and the skillful details in unique craftsmanship.
Shakshi is not only dedicated towards new venture  but she praises the idea of being an independent woman . With  rich taste in colour scheme and critical approach in figuring the quality of a material, she always tries to experiment and present newer and classier design every time.
 Be it your home setup and decoration, wearing traditional and beautifully crafted outfits for every demand will be met at Rajasthali. They have a fascinating range of balanced aesthetic , traditional and class products which can transform any woman into a diva and add colours to your house on any occasion.
So to inculcate the culture of graceful looks and timeless elegance to dive into the colors and crafts of Rajasthan ,
Tune  up with ” Rajasthali – Flavours Of Rajasthan” and add the colours and magical touch of Rajasthan to your Diwali decorations. Be there at Twaksati’s “Different Mela ” and adorn your house and yourself with the Rajasthani enchantment.

Ovenly Delicie’s from Atrayee is sure to take you over!


Twaksati endorses Ovenly delicie by Atrayee Dev, excelled in making 100℅ veg delicacies. She is mostly into making  mouth-watering cakes, finger licking gourmet desserts, appetizing savouries and many such delectable goodies.

Desserts are not only an important part of Diwali celebrations but also the most practical food type to have when you’re on the go for it. Be it the cakes she makes or the varieties of desserts she places in front of you, the flavours just keeps the Diwali energy alive.
Atrayee fancied baking when she first tasted the batter off a spoon when her mother was baking a cake for her family. Looking at the delicious cakes by her mother, she wanted to try her hands into baking. The veg delicacies makes a brilliant combination with the confectioneries making them much more euphoric.
She takes extra care to make sure her recipes come out perfect. All her items are egg free and yet tasty. Ovenly delicie has also excelled as a culinary school and engages in conducting cooking workshops.
She has won applauds and got amazing feedbacks on her marvellous recipes. Her friends,family,clients had inspired her and constantly supported her to grow in this path.
Atrayee is from a background where taking to businesses are not usually encouraged. But with strong determination she chose to chase her dreams.She had completed her masters and had dedicated 5 long years to reputed company as an HR and finally decided to follow her passion in rediscovering herself in the work of food. Bucking up courage and with hope within she has started this small venture spreading magic with her creations. She shows her heartfelt gratitude to her family who has shown their unwavering support and always encouraged her to aim for the sky since the start and never complained about her unconventional career choice.

This ever enthusiast is always keen at reaching out to people catering all their requirements and trying to add the potion of newness in every recipe of hers. Her uniqueness lies in her customised products which can be turned into normal size of mini bites. Her luxury desserts have great choices in flavors and taste in both wheat and flour segment. All her goodies has been hand packed in a most eclectic manner and ready to add the needed sparkle on this festive season.

If you have a sweet tooth there is surely something for you in “The Different Mela” the pre Diwali exhibition and sale. After all, “Diwali ke Naam pe kuch meetha ho jaaye!”

Aryansh- a fashion statement in women wear!

Twaksati endorses ‘Aryansh’  by Vatsala Poddar – an exclusive range of designer dresses. Aryansh was started by Shruti Sonthalia and Amit Sonthalia to bring the best of all traditional prints and works in a wide variety of fine bases. It works to give an array of subtle couture that combines style with tradition. Hailing from a production background , they decided to try their hand in retailing from their manufacturing business of running materials. Hence they decided to pursue it vigorously and utilize their interest to explore new horizons.

The idea behind forming Aryansh,was to introduce a new line of clothing styles with unusual cuts and embroideries ranging from straight-cuts to floor-lengths which are uniquely designed yet cost-effective. Doing so, the duo wanted to offer exclusive and stylish apparel at very reasonable prices in the finest of materials, which are mostly expensive.

The duo believes in selling perfect products at correct prices , which is the reason that Aryansh has made some great customer base in northern and western India.Currently, Aryansh offers an exclusive range of formal, semi formals and Indo- westerns.

Check for more amazing range of fine couture from Aryansh, in ” The Different Mela”- Pre Diwali Exhibition & Sale.


NAQSH- The trendsetter in fashion Jewelry!

Twaksati endorses the young artist and entrepreneur Nikita Pincha and her collection NAQSH.

Having done her Masters in Gemology & Jewellery design and coming from a Chartered Accountant family, she always had that ingredient of an entrepreneur in her. She wished to break the trend and do something creative,exciting and different.

She always had a fascination for jewellery, like almost everyone has. Her fascination turned into passion to create. She started off with her jewellery business venture by the name NAQSH. It’s an online store which brings us a unique and trendy collection of costume jewellery- both handmade and manufactured. The youngsters just love her collections and they often wait for her new trendy launches. She is confident that her products are quite appealing ,and they have made her  popular amongst all.

She feels, quality and customer satisfaction are the first and the most important goals for her and she wishes to establish a long-lasting relation with her customers.

She is a start-up and is exhibiting for the first time to showcase her beautifully crafted jewellery. She is already winning hearts with her unique and selective products and getting a great response from all corner of the country.

She  wishes to explore new horizons.. keep learning from her work, and come up with better things each day! Twaksati wishes her the very best!

If you would like to have Nikita Pincha’s collections @NAQSH then don’t miss “The Different Mela on 14th Oct at Haldirams, Ballygunge.


Hello Choco! The Chocolicious gifts for your loved ones!

Twaksati goes choco la la with Snikta and her yummy chocos! She creates some of the most delectable and presentable choco gifts for festive season.  The handmade designer chocos are sure to win the heart of all who receives them this Diwali.  We bet you will come back to Hello Choco for more!

Snikta  is a self-made entrepreneur and follows her passion – “Believe you can and you are halfway there.”

She loves to dream big..she loves to do different things..She loves to be odd and uncommon ! Having worked in different sectors with an experience of  7 years,  her sudden urge of starting her own venture, created Hello Choco. Being a big time foodie and explored zillions of food joints with her life partner all around the world she found her love for chocolates and desserts.

Hello Choco is set to indulge in a chocolate world of creativity. Be it a birthday or a festival or an expression of an emotion, creative homemade chocolate gifts can always win the heart. With this unique offering of beautiful and mouth-watering delicacy Snikta invites you to indulge self and all. We bet her preparations are complete mood changers, a ‘boxful of happiness’ for sure!

Check the variety of chocolates with exotic fillings of strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, almonds, raisin, caramel. Don’t miss the Truffles as well!

Would you like to gift some of Hello Choco to your loved ones? Visit Hello Choco at “The Different Mela on 14th Oct at Haldiram’s, Ballygunge.

In case you would like to get in touch with Snikta, please leave a message.