Why we’ve still not gone beyond our Art & Craft class and not looked up to it as a viable career option!


Impatiently, I waited for this period in my school timetable. Well, not as you would think that it amused me. It was a break from the monotonous enlightening of all the sciences around us. Art and craft was always an escape. Not only for me, but for the entire class. Bunking classes could easily be done during this period.  It never struck me that Art was itself an escape.

If today students do not value this period of “Art and craft” as a subject, it is mostly because they never actually understood the essence of art. Rather they are not taught what art is. Craft had always been a compulsory assignment, which if not submitted would result in a C in your report card.  80% of the guardians are bent on to making their wards established in society where they would be esteemed. Art as a profession has never been looked upto for the not so heavily paid wages as any other profession would provide. And being their parent’s children, the fear to be left behind passed on to their genes which results in not taking up Art and craft seriously in classrooms. More so it is often seen that the parents would ask their child to concentrate on other subjects and they would themselves complete the art and craft assignments for them. Hence, killing even the minutest wish of the child to explore the wonderful world of creativity.

Personally I think, in today’s world where every possible talent can be explored, where every liking has a possibility to be developed for future, art and craft has successfully been able to put up with this rush in career prospects. Not only with its emerging range of career options  but also as a healthy interest one might want to indulge oneself into.  Daily we come across illustrations on the comics, on the cover pages of books, on newspapers. Isn’t that exactly what creates the first impression about an article or any book?

Art has its own language. By far, the most beautiful one I have come across.  It is in us how we interpret this language. M.F. Husain often referred to as our India’s Picasso happened to be an artist of the 20th century who is now recognized internationally. It is from him that we take inspiration to have the courage in pursuing Art as a career.  Similarly R.K. Laxman, an illustrator of Times of India and known cartoonist persuaded what he loved to do, that is express by sketches. There are several others who have excelled in this field just by taking the risk of doing what they loved and believing in the magic of Art. And how can we forget the fashion designers, jewelry designers, leather crafts which has a huge international clientele.

Every creation is Art. Be it the food our mother cooks or the pair of jeans we are wearing or the piece of writing you are reading now.  Henri Matisse rightly said “it requires courage to create.”So, tighten your jeans, adore the art in your life, believe in yourself and create.

I came across a very interesting venture “Twaksati – Handcrafts of India” which has this unique concept of promoting artists who create anything and everything made by hands. Chanced to order their products and was amazed to see their hand packaging, hand written labelling and also having a personalized hand note with the product. That’s what is all about creating customer delight and preserving the antiquity! A gift of that kind will always bring a smile to the beholder.

You can check some really beautiful stuff at www.twaksati.com


About the Author


JeanniAditi Haldar

A student of Grade XI with a dream to explore the beautiful earth. A youngster who wears confidence yet simplicity as her make up. Creativity gets her going and she loves to write about the creators. She has learnt music, painting, dance et all but writing blogs is her new love. She is straight to the point while writing – take it or let it go!


Twaksati’s artisan partner — Lakhi who is creating identity, independence and a better world for herself and her children.

Lakhi 3

One can always find Lakhi with a smile. her simplicity and honesty reflects in her eyes. I have known her for more than 15 years now. She is quick to learn things and has a yes to everything . That is more of her personal trait. With the launch of Twaksati, she was the first one to show her desire to create handmade products for us. I would often show her the design and then she will practice it till the time she gets its perfect. So our idea to create Self Help Group started with her. The Kantha stitch on the Stoles and Dupattas were well picked up by her. Then we created Bunting Flags which were so well made by her. She would often come up with her own designs and colour patterns.

Bunting Blue 1

She tries to save all the extra money she makes from her handworks. Once I asked, what is she going to buy from her saved money, she replied smilingly- “I am saving this to buy books for my son who is in college now.

Twaksati is trying to form small SHG’s who can be trained to create well designed artistic products. This would not only empower our partner artisans like Lakhi to learn but also to earn that extra.  We feel great to see how well they have taken up the assignment and are  aligned to the Twaksati mission of always Handmade and always fair to the artisans.

Check out the Handmade Bunting flags and Apparels  by Lakhi and other artisans at http://www.twaksati.com


Vintage Violet creating a fashion statement in kids accessories!

Twaksati endorses Vintage Violet by Surbhi. Vintage Violet is known for handmade and imported accessories.

Surbhi had always had a crazy mindset for any handmade and creative articles. She had a zeal to start her own business and aspired to become a successful entrepreneur. Her brand started as an online venture. She made handmade beaded jewellery and sold them online and soon it gained popularity.
As the response from her customers gained speed her products were on high demand. Soon Vintage violet started importing items which acted as a catalyst for her own growth.
The handmade accessories Vintage Violet deals which includes handmade necklaces bracelets and hair pins for kids. Her women collections of women accssories have exclusive designs and every detail is fantastically brought out. The best part about Vintage Violet is that, their products are exclusive but not expensive. The cost friendly accessories are sufficient to attract and retain customers.
Her venture in this handicraft world is inspired by her neice Pihu for whom Surbhi used to shop and wanted to gift her the best of the bests. The entire progress of her business is dedicated to her niece.
She believes in a Mantra that makes her stand out. “Looking Beautiful is what makes you confident.”
Her business in Kolkata is a success and the positive outcome has made her glad that she is a part of the city of joy trying to spread happiness through her venture.
Twaksati wants to hold the hands of Vintage violet as it showcases itself to be different in “the different mela” organised by Twaksati.

Shakshi brings “Rajasthali – festive flavours of Rajasthan!

Twaksati welcomes Shakshi and her collection for the upcoming Pre Diwali Exhibition and sale. Her exclusively selective unstitched Rajasthani dress materials and Jewellery will impress you for sure.

Shakshi Gupta was born and brought up in Rajasthan,a place which is rich and diverse in culture . She is an art lover who loves to experiment with different traditions and styles to bring out the exquisite pieces from different regions. Her zeal to bring the history and colors of magnificent land led to starting of her own venture named Rajasthali – Flavors of Rajasthan.
Rajasthali , brings the best of Rajasthani crafts in the most unusual and new designs to the traditional process . Products like Mirror Work and Gotapatti Suits , Bandarwals , Candles, etc have been handpicked from the different parts of Rajasthan. It aims at capturing the elegance of Rajasthan vibrant culture, regal legacy and the skillful details in unique craftsmanship.
Shakshi is not only dedicated towards new venture  but she praises the idea of being an independent woman . With  rich taste in colour scheme and critical approach in figuring the quality of a material, she always tries to experiment and present newer and classier design every time.
 Be it your home setup and decoration, wearing traditional and beautifully crafted outfits for every demand will be met at Rajasthali. They have a fascinating range of balanced aesthetic , traditional and class products which can transform any woman into a diva and add colours to your house on any occasion.
So to inculcate the culture of graceful looks and timeless elegance to dive into the colors and crafts of Rajasthan ,
Tune  up with ” Rajasthali – Flavours Of Rajasthan” and add the colours and magical touch of Rajasthan to your Diwali decorations. Be there at Twaksati’s “Different Mela ” and adorn your house and yourself with the Rajasthani enchantment.

Hello Choco! The Chocolicious gifts for your loved ones!

Twaksati goes choco la la with Snikta and her yummy chocos! She creates some of the most delectable and presentable choco gifts for festive season.  The handmade designer chocos are sure to win the heart of all who receives them this Diwali.  We bet you will come back to Hello Choco for more!

Snikta  is a self-made entrepreneur and follows her passion – “Believe you can and you are halfway there.”

She loves to dream big..she loves to do different things..She loves to be odd and uncommon ! Having worked in different sectors with an experience of  7 years,  her sudden urge of starting her own venture, created Hello Choco. Being a big time foodie and explored zillions of food joints with her life partner all around the world she found her love for chocolates and desserts.

Hello Choco is set to indulge in a chocolate world of creativity. Be it a birthday or a festival or an expression of an emotion, creative homemade chocolate gifts can always win the heart. With this unique offering of beautiful and mouth-watering delicacy Snikta invites you to indulge self and all. We bet her preparations are complete mood changers, a ‘boxful of happiness’ for sure!

Check the variety of chocolates with exotic fillings of strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, almonds, raisin, caramel. Don’t miss the Truffles as well!

Would you like to gift some of Hello Choco to your loved ones? Visit Hello Choco at “The Different Mela on 14th Oct at Haldiram’s, Ballygunge.

In case you would like to get in touch with Snikta, please leave a message.



Twaksati pays tribute to it’s Inspiration!

The one who wielded the Midas Touch and turned every life she touched to gold. The one who motivated us to to do the same, to open our hearts to the world. The one who inspired us to create, and thus share the joy of living.A self-made social entrepreneur of sorts, she is perhaps the biggest inspiration behind Twaksati.

With her creative embroidery and a skillful hand, she would often make simple, yet beautiful, dresses for all of us for every occasion, and drape our humble abode in Dehradun with her love and creativity. Back home, she gave every holiday a special allure. A few years back, she even urged me to help develop artistic skills of her caregivers at her home in Garia, Kolkata. The two ladies, Lakhi and Brihaspati, have created wonders for Twaksati, with their beautiful handmade embroideries on dupattas and stoles. Her belief in sharing knowledge and skill development rubbed off on us, and are the pillars of what Twaksati stands firmly upon.

Though Smt. Puspa Paul has left for her heavenly abode, she lives in our hearts with her honest and dignified ways of overcoming obstacles, and her simple, yet modern, approach to life. Her hand will never cease to guide us to build a better world. She lives forever with us, in Twaksati.




She creates magic in glass! Bunny Arts

Twaksati endorses Bunny Arts! Simply amazing and enchanting creativity from Tania Malhotra. Every Art created on glass and the jars is a sheer masterpiece. Anyone who looks at them is sure to fall in love at the first sight. This Diwali take these wonders home to delight your loved ones.

It all started for Tania with a gift coupon of a renowned stationary shop, from her close acquaintance.  She always had a weakness for stationary, and was certainly quite thrilled to make the most of it.  With the idea she quickly got hold of some good number of art and craft items. Grabbed some empty jars from kitchen and started applying her creative juices on them. Having a knack for sketching and painting, she started creating variety of DIY projects, without having an idea that this would gradually lead to the famous Bunny  Arts.

With a surprisingly encouraging approach from her husband, Aditya, and his family, the zeal inside her triggered in no time. Her love for creating the beauty with a touch of modern fusion design sets her apart from others.

The USP of Bunny Arts is Handmade and Contemporary  and a responsible ecofriendly touch to each of its creations.  The Beautiful lamps, Diyas and Vases are widely appreciated worldwide. There is no doubt that Bunny Art is set to create a new story which everyone is going to love!

Don’t miss Tania’s creation- “Bunny Arts” –  Handmade Happiness! in “The Different Mela” by  Twaksati on 14th Oct @Haldiram Ballygunge. In case you are interested to contact her, please leave a message in the comment box below.

Diwali Exhibition poster




Sarathi Sarees- wonders of motifs!


Twaksati  proudly endorses Sarathi Sarees, one of our exhibitor in The Different Mela. Shoma Sarkar, a young entrepreneur born and brought up in Kolkata, brings back the fresh air of creativity and a flavour of beautiful colours in her Sarees. Each of her designs says a lot about her choice of putting forth something different to the buyer. Her careful selection of fabrics and the motifs for her designer sarees sets her apart from others.

Shoma believes in honesty, creativity and hard work. Being a painter, she can play with colours and mix of unusual designs in her Sarees, Dupattas & Stoles.

Her passion to drive and travel the world, brings her the innovative ideas. She participated in various car rallies including the first ASEAN India Car Rally representing her country. She was the youngest participant and awarded with best lady driver in one of the Rally. Sandeep Sarkar- her brother, partner and mentor played a major role to realise her dreams. Most of her memories and ideas comes from the old dirt tracks of Cambodia and Myanmar.

$arathi Sarees- a collection of yards of elegance! is a dream venture to bring something beautiful and uncommon to the people. She strongly believes “Style is not being seen, its about being remembered !” Her new journey on this track has just been flagged off.

Catch her exclusive festive collections with beautiful fusion colors and hand embroidery at “The Different Mela” on 14th October at Haldiram Foodcity, Ballygunge- Kolkata.

Let us know in case you would like to get in touch with her.